Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

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About : Commandos III

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Commandos set continuous Pyro Studio Flat tactical games. Destination country Berlin takes players on to Stalingrad, the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin, Omaha Beach on D-Day and everywhere in the war-torn Europe. Destination Berlin features smaller maps focusing on the details. Each scenario will demands different tactical, and some tasks can only be solved in many ways, forcing players to continually reassess their strategies. Ambushes, stealth, sabotage, and demolitions are all sustainable road leading. Multiplayer features enable eight players to confront head-to-head on a LAN or the Internet.

Screenshots Gallery :

System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
• OS: Windows 98 SE/2000/XP
• CPU: Pentium III 700 Mhz/Athlon(tm) XP
• RAM: 256 MB of RAM
• HDD: 2 GB free disk space
• Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory
• Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
• DirectX: Version 9.0c or 9.0b
• OS: Windows 98 SE/2000/XP
• CPU: Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz or Athlon(tm) XP
• RAM: 512 MB of RAM
• HDD: 2 GB free disk space
• Graphics: 128 MB GeForce 4ti or ATI Radeon 
• Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
• DirectX: Version 9.0c or 9.0b

Download Commandos 3 :

10 Best Graphics Cards in Terms of Money

nvidia geforce 9800

In my efforts of bringing best graphics cards and graphics cards related information to you, I am now bringing the list of 10 best graphics cards in terms of money that you can buy without putting much load on your pockets.

10 best graphics cards that money can buy chronologically are:

  1. Nvidia GeForce 9800GT: It will cost just under $ 299  and nothing is better than this if you are looking for performance under lower budget. GeForce 9800GT can still handle many of your PC games if not the latest ones which asks for so much of memory needs that this graphics card fails to provide.
  2. Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX: Second in the list moneywise is Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX which you can get for under £130 from most of the sellers. Those who don't like to buy 9800GT can go for Gechips were lowered in price by Nvidia. Force 9800GTX then because performance wise it is better than the former on.
  3. ATI Radeon 4850: Not the fastest one but ATI Radeon 4850 is the one of the most adorable graphics chip that world has seen ever. You can easily get it under £100. After the arrival of this chip, many competing
  4. ATI Radeon 4850 X2: Next in the list of 10 best graphics cards in terms of money that you can buy is ATI Radeon 4850 X2, the bigger brother of 4850 based on th same RV770 chip. However it is quite costly as well. Radeon 4850 X2 will cost you around £220 and it is totally unworthy to spend such an amount on card like this one.
  5. Nvidia Geforce GTX 260: If you have plans to buy ATI Radeon 4850 X2, then cancel it immediately and choose Nvidia Georce GTX 260 which is much-2 coherant in terms of performance. Also the performance of GTX 260 is close to that of GTX 280 which costs almost double he price of the former one. GeForce GTX 260 can be easily bought for price under £300.
  6. ATI Radeon 4870: Don't take it as the cheap graphics card anyway. In terms of performance, it can compete with any great graphics card of today, that's why we have put up here in the list. Though you can buy ATI Radeon 4870 for under £200 but you will always feel provide of having a substance like this in your system.
  7. Nvidia GeForce GTX280: Several improvements have been done to Nvidia GeForce GTX280 which provide very reluctant performance now. But as I said earlier, it is wise to buy GTX260 or GTX285 if you have any plans to buy GeForce GTX280.
  8. NVidia GeForce GTX285: Eighth in the list of 10 best graphics cards that money can buy is Nvidia GeForce GTX285 whose present cost is £260
  9. ATI Radeon 4870 X2: This graphics card has certainly shooked the floor of Nvidia forcing it to lower the price of its high end graphics cards. ATI Radeon 4870 X2 has two graphics cards on a single chip thus increasing the performance under high workloads. Delivers excellent 3D rendering.
  10. Nvidia GeForce GTX 295: At the top of the list of 10 bets graphics cards in terms of money that you can buy is Nvidia GeForce GTX 295, which has been released just recently. This is very fast card which comes at a big price of £382. To get the best of its twin GPUs, a big display is needed. This card can't render excellent graphics on small screens. Think of buying GTX 295 only if you need it really otherwise it will be a wastage of money.

This is our list of 10 best graphics cards in terms of money that you can buy. If you want performance then come deep onto the 10th one but if you want a reasonable graphics card then consider buying any of the top three.





About : Azada

Azada is a puzzle game where you must resolve a wide range of enigmas to release the history and unlock mysteries surrounding Titus. He used his magical powers to last summon you to supplement puzzles and free him from painting, he is captured in. along the road, you will be able to use tips to solve puzzles or to ignore them completely. You can replay already completed puzzles, many of which change each time you play them. You can also make puzzles in any sequence you want, if you are trapped or do not feel like making a puzzle. This game has all a fan of puzzles could want.

Screenshots Gallery :


System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
• OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
• CPU: 600 Mhz
• RAM: 128 MB
• HDD: 65 MB free disk space
• DirectX: Version  6.0
• OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
• CPU: 800 GHz
• RAM: 256 MB of RAM
• HDD: 65 GB free disk space 
• DirectX: Version  6.0 or better

Download Azada :

Homefront Game For PC

Homefront Game

About : Homefront Game

With a history supervised by John Milius, Homefront offers an assumption similar to Red Dawn's writer. Rather than American occupation in Russia, however, America is supported by a well organized system, North Korea's properly funded in the 2027. The solo campaign you in control of a member of the resistance movement and engage in a guerrilla war in malls, schools and similar parameters in a first-person view. Requisition cars and futuristic drones to fulfill the purposes, interact with a variety of colorful figures along the route, many of them will fight by your side. On foot and vehicular combat are also supported in multiplayer online battles, which are designed to provide rapid action in the intent of the Call of Duty series.

Screenshots Gallery :

Homefront Game
Homefront PC

System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, AMD 2.8GHz
RAM: 1 GB  Memory
HDD: 10 GB  Free  Disk  Space
Graphics: 256  MB  Graphics  Memory
NVIDIA GeForce serie7 or ATI Radeon 1900XT
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Intel or AMD Quad Core 2 GHz and CPU
RAM: 2 GB Memory
HDD: 10 GB Free Disk Space
Graphics: 256 MB Memory and Shader Model 3.0
NVIDIA GeForce GTX  260  or  ATI Radeon 4850
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c

Download Homefront Game For PC :

Hotel Dash: Suite Success

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Hotel Dash

About : Hotel Dash

When the affairs Trip Quinn hits a new obstacle, she asks Flo patented knee point to help renovate and manage hotels throughout DinerTown! As Flo, will deliver the baggage of guests, room service file and provide towels, blankets and everything they need to remain happy and leave big tips! On the way you use your skills to decorate and restore each hotel return to its original charm. Beware of mysterious mishaps and injury threatening your progress! Do you have what it takes to keep everybody happy, or the mysterious darkness end to your success?

System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
• OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
• CPU: 1.2 GHz or faster processor
• RAM: 256 MB RAM  Memory
• HDD: 41 MB Hard Disk Space
• DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher
• OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
• CPU: 2.1 GHz or faster processor
• RAM: 512 GB Memory
• HDD: 41 MB Hard Disk Space
• DirectX: Version 9.0c or 9.0b

Download Hotel Dash:

Christmas Vocabulary Game



HOHOHO Father Christmas is her, Find articles on the list! A game to practice the terminology of Christmas (Santa Claus, the Christmas lights, Christmas tree, fireplace, bells, stars, snow, presents, fireplace, Carol singers, snowman candles ...).

Program WinRaR

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winrar Program

About: Winrar Program

WinRAR brought an original compression algorithms. it provides compression rates greater than other archival tools, particularly for the executable files, object libraries, the larger files, etc...

* WinRAR compatible of optional compression algorithm highly optimized for the multimedia data.

* WinRAR supports files and archives up to 9,223,372 byte, about 9000PB. The number of files stored is no limit in practical terms.

* WinRAR provides full support for the RAR files and ZIP 2.0 and able to decompress CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, Z, 7Z archives.

* WinRAR argues NTFS files for security and data flows.

* WinRAR delivers both a classical interactive Windows interface and level command line interface.

* WinRAR provides services to the establishment of a 'solid' archives, which can increase the compression ratio of 10% - 50% more common methods, particularly moment of package a large number of small data files.

* WinRAR offers the possibility to create and modify SFX archives by using default and outside SFX modules.

* WinRAR provides the possibility to create a multi-volume archive as SFX.

* WinRAR offers many service functions, including the setting of a password, added archival and file comments. Even those physically damaged archives can be repaired and an archive can be locked to prevent further changes. The genuineness of information can be provided for extra security and WinRAR will store information on the latest update and the name of the archive.

Program Download :

Formula 1™ 2010 Game

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F1 2010

About : Formula I

First Formula One game to enjoy the high resolution brackets and PC platforms, F1 2010 is The Official Video Game of the Championship 2010 FIA Formula One and includes all the official teams, pilots and tours of the year 2010. The game offers the return of sevenfold Formula 1 World Drivers Champion Michael Schumacher, the introduction of many new teams, and the brand new Korean International Circuit hosting the 2010 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Korea.
In F1 2010 players will have the full, enlarged grid in a range of gameplay modes including Grand Prix, Championship, Time Trials and a huge career mode innovative. F1 2010 also features a very advanced damage model, completely dynamic weather system numerous competitive multiplayer options. The game was developed using the EGO Game platform technology, advanced exclusive Turbine which powered the critically acclaimed, sold more than dollars Colin McRae: DiRT 2 and Race Driver: GRID.

Screenshots Gallery :

Formula 1
Formula 1

System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz or Athlon X2
RAM: 1GB RAM (2GB for Vista)
HDD: 10 GB  Free  Disk  Space
Graphics: GeForce 7800 / Radeon X1800
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz, Athlon X2 4200+
RAM: 2 GB Memory
HDD: 10 GB Free Disk Space
Graphics: GeForce 9800 or ATI Radeon HD 4850
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c

Download Formula 2010 :

Download DirectX 10 for Windows XP

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DirectX 10

About: DirectX 10

Cody Brocious Alky Project Manager has issued a comprehensive overview of DirectX 10 Alky consistency library for Microsoft DirectX 10 overview license games. These compatibility libraries are allow the use of DirectX 10 Gaming across platforms other than Windows Vista and rise compatibility of the rolling even on Vista, by compiling Geometry Shaders down into native machine code to run where equipment is not able to execute it. No reason for gamer to alter or update the OS and video card (s) to play the latest games.

Program Download :

Jane's Hotel

Help Jane make her dream become a reality and construct a superb 5 star hotel ! You start with a small 2 star hotel on the outskirts of the city and work your way to the top by upgrading hosting and the realization of an excellent reputation. Keep tabs on customer moods and give them pleasure by constructing a golf course, by serving them delicious drinks and good foodor just clean up their room.

How Play GTA San Andreas Online

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 Hi everybody, today I'll write a post on how to play GTA San Andreas online. All you have to do is follow the simple steps that I mention below and Then you're ready to play San Andreas online. Playing GTA San andreas online is really fun. I play with friends every day and I feel the game is really cool when we play it online.

Follow this simple steps to play GTA San Andreas Online.

1) Download software from the link  SA-MP-0.3b-R3 .

2) You should have Gta San andreas game installed anywhere in the system and make sure its a full version game

3) Now install the software application sa-mp-0.3b-R3 on the drive location of the game where you have installed the gta san andreas game. make sure its installed in the main folder of the game important !!.

 5) After installing application in the game location, open software to from start menu : samp .

6) After opening the application just click on internet which is to the bottom of the application beside favorites and hosted.

7) You can see a list of servers which are filled with players already.

- Join any room there and have fun. I prefer rooms which are having many people since we have more time to play around and more fun.

- If you have any questions, let me know by leaving a comment.

Clones Game


About : Clones

Just imagine a planet with two major forms of life. The former are the clones that consist of a suppleness quantum goo which gives them amazing physical morphing, but also makes the poor in spirit because there is no centralized mind. The latter are CloneMasters that physically unfit, but has a great mind. Clones and naturally CloneMasters to partner resolve any problem and live in peace. Play a CloneMaster you will embark on a pilgrimage to consideration of the large CloneMasters scattered across the world of clones. The win in the games where you pit your clones against theirs will be the first step to play in the professional league CloneMaster cons other humans around the world!

Screenshots Gallery :

Clones Game
Clones PC

System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
• OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
• CPU: 1.5 GHz Intel or AMD
• RAM: 512 MB RAM
• HDD: 500MB  Free  Disk  Space
• Graphics: 64MB DirectX 9.0c
• DirectX: Version 9.0c
• OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
• CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel or AMD
• RAM: 512 MB RAM
• HDD: 500 MB Free Disk Space
• Graphics: 92 MB DirectX 9.0c
• DirectX: Version 9.0c

Download Clones :

Jade Empire: Special Edition

Jade Empire

About : Jade Empire

In the old, the mysterious world of Jade Empire, train under your master's watchful eyes and learn strong martial arts and mystical powers. Trip around the worldsince the rude mountains of the Land of Howling Spirits to the luxuriant gardens of the Imperial City. Face mighty human and supernatural enemies. Learn alien and magic martial arts. Explore the dark secrets of the world. Only by controlling the greatest fighting styles and overcome the most powerful enemies you earn your place as a master of martial arts in the world of Jade Empire.

Screenshots Gallery :

Jade Empire
Jade Empire
Jade Empire

System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
• OS: Windows XP, Vista
• CPU: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz, AMD Athlon 1800
• RAM: 512 MB  Memory
• HDD: 3 GB  Free  Disk  Space
• Graphics: 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6200
• Sound Card: compatible with DirectX
• DirectX: Version 9.0c
• OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
• CPU: Pentium 4 2.5 GHz or AMD Athlon 1800
• RAM: 1 GB Memory
• HDD: 3 GB Free Disk Space
• Graphics:256 mb NVIDIA GeForce 6200
• Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
• DirectX: Version 9.0c

Download Jade Empire :

Chenzo Cove

Chenzo Cove

About : Chenzo Cove

Chenzo Cove is a 3D game where the players throw their way into the world of pirates on the theme of Chenzo.Search gold pieces, gems, and pirate treasure. Chenzos another race to be the fastest ball on the high seas. Set a course for fun with Chenzo Cove.

Screenshots Gallery :

Chenzo Cove.Game
Chenzo Cove PC

System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
• OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
• CPU: 1 GHz Processor
• RAM: 500 MB Available System Memory
• HDD: 100 MB Available Hard Disk Space
• Graphics: 92 MB DirectX 9 Compatible 3D
• DirectX: Version 9.0c
• OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
• CPU: 1.5 GHz Processor
• RAM: 512 MB Available System Memory
• HDD: 100 MB Available Hard Disk Space
• Graphics: 128 MB DirectX 9 Compatible 3D
• DirectX: Version 9.0c

Download Chenzo Cove :

Cheat : GTA san andreas


Cheats Method:
Enter the following key during the game or on the pause menu to enable the corresponding cheat function. The message "Cheat Enabled" will appear to confirm the correct code entry.

 - Adrenaline Mode 
 - Aggressive Drivers 
 - All Cars Have Nitro 
 - All green lights 
 - Always Midnight 
 - Beach Party 
 - Black traffic 
 - Blow Up All Cars 
 - Boats fly 
 - Cars Float Away When Hit 
 - Cars Fly 
 - Clear Wanted Level 
 - Country Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2 Truck Outfit 
 - Elvis is Everywhere 
 - Everyone is armed 
 - Faster Clock 
 - Faster Gameplay 
 - Fat 
 - Foggy Weather 
 - Full Weapon Aiming While Driving 
 - Funhouse Theme 
 - Gang Members Everywhere 
 - Gangs Control the Streets 
 - Have a bounty on your head 
 - Have Jetpack 
 - Have Parachute 
 - Health, Armor, $250k 
 - Hitman In All Weapon Stats 
 - Huge Bunny Hop 
 - Increase Wanted Level Two Stars 
 - Infinite Ammo, No Reload 
 - Infinite Health 
 - Infinite Oxygen 
 - Invisible car 
 - Max Muscle 
 - Max Respect 
 - Max Sex Appeal 
 - Mega Jump 
 - Mega Punch 
 - Never Get Hungry 
 - Never Wanted 
 - Ninja Theme 
 - Orange Sky 21:00 
 - Overcast Weather 
 - Peds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club 
 - Peds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher 
 - Perfect Handling 
 - Pink traffic 
 - Rainy Weather 
 - Recruit Anyone (9mm) 
 - Recruit Anyone (Rockets) 
 - Reduced Traffic 
 - Riot Mode 
 - Sandstorm 
 - Six Star Wanted Level 
 - Skinny 
 - Slower Gameplay 
 - Slut Magnet 
 - Smash n' Boom 
 - Spawn Bloodring Banger 
 - Spawn Caddy 
 - Spawn Dozer 
 - Spawn Hunter 
 - Spawn Hydra 
 - Spawn Monster 
 - Spawn Quad 
 - Spawn Racecar 
 - Spawn Racecar 
 - Spawn Rancher 
 - Spawn Rhino 
 - Spawn Romero 
 - Spawn Stretch 
 - Spawn Stunt Plane
 - Spawn Tanker Truck 
 - Spawn Trashmaster 
 - Spawn Vortex Hovercraft 
 - Suicide 
 - Sunny Weather 
 - Taxis Have Nitrous, L3 Bunny Hop 
 - Thunderstorm 
 - Traffic is Cheap Cars 
 - Traffic is Country Vehicles 
 - Traffic is Fast Cars 
 - Very Sunny Weather 
 - Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools 
 - Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools 
 - Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools 
 - have jetpack
 - reduced traffic
 - unlimited ammo
 - funhouse theme
 - cars float when hit
 - spawns a car
 - mega punch
 - professional tools
 - all cars have nitro
 - blow up all cars
 - spawns monster truck
 - no police
 - ninja theme
 - neverwanted
 - have a higher jump
 - have a money$25000
 - jetpack

Weapons, Health, Armor & Money

LXGIWYL - Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
PROFESSIONALSKIT  - Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMW   - Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools
HESOYAM  - Health, Armor, $250k
BAGUVIX   - Semi-Infinite Health
CVWKXAM   - Infinite Oxygen
ANOSEONGLASS   - Adrenaline Mode
FULLCLIP   - Infinite Ammo, No Reload

Police, Stats and Gangs

TURNUPTHEHEAT  - Increase Wanted Level Two Stars
TURNDOWNTHEHEAT   - Clear Wanted Level
BUFFMEUP  - Max Muscle
KVGYZQK  - Skinny
AEZAKMI  - Never Wanted
BRINGITON  - Six Star Wanted Level
WORSHIPME   - Max Respect
HELLOLADIES   - Max Sex Appeal
VKYPQCF  - Max Stamina
PROFESSIONALKILLER  - Hitman In All Weapon Stats
NATURALTALENT - Max All Vehicle Skill Stats

Spawning Objects

AIWPRTON - Spawn Rhino
OLDSPEEDDEMON - Spawn Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMH          - Spawn Rancher
VROCKPOKEY         - Spawn Racecar
VPJTQWV             - Spawn Racecar
CELEBRITYSTATUS    - Spawn Stretch
TRUEGRIME   - Spawn Trashmaster
RZHSUEW   - Spawn Caddy
JUMPJET  - Spawn Hydra
KGGGDKP       - Spawn Vortex Hovercraft
AIYPWZQP   - Have Parachute
ROCKETMAN    - Have Jetpack
OHDUDE    - Spawn Hunter
AMOMHRER  - Spawn Tanker Truck
ITSALLBULL - Spawn Dozer
FLYINGTOSTUNT   - Spawn Stunt Plane
MONSTERMASH  - Spawn Monster


CPKTNWT  - Blow Up All Cars
STICKLIKEGLUE  - Perfect Handling
ZEIIVG   - All green lights
YLTEICZ   - Aggressive Drivers
LLQPFBN   - Pink traffic
IOWDLAC   - Black traffic
FLYINGFISH   - Boats fly
EVERYONEISPOOR  - Traffic is Cheap Cars
EVERYONEISRICH   - Traffic is Fast Cars
JCNRUAD   - Smash n' Boom
SPEEDFREAK    - All Cars Have Nitro
BUBBLECARS  - Cars Float Away When Hit
OUIQDMW    - Free Aim While Driving
GHOSTTOWN     - Reduced Traffic
FVTMNBZ     - Traffic is Country Vehicles
BMTPWHR     - Country Vehicles and Peds


SPEEDITUP   - Faster Gameplay
SLOWITDOWN    - Slower Gameplay
AJLOJYQY  - Peds Attack Each Other
BAGOWPG   - Have a bounty on your head
FOOOXFT    - Everyone is armed
BLUESUEDESHOES   - Elvis is Everywhere
BGLUAWML   - Peds Attack You With Weapons
LIFESABEACH  - Beach Party
ONLYHOMIESALLOWED  - Gang Members Everywhere
BIFBUZZ    - Gangs Control the Streets
NINJATOWN  - Ninja Theme
BEKKNQV    - Slut Magnet
CJPHONEHOME  - Huge Bunny Hop
KANGAROO   - Mega Jump
CRAZYTOWN    - Funhouse Theme
SJMAHPE            - Recruit Anyone (9mm)
ROCKETMAYHEM  - Recruit Anyone (Rockets)

Weather and Time

PLEASANTLYWARM   - Sunny Weather
TOODAMNHOT  - Very Sunny Weather
ALNSFMZO  - Overcast Weather
AUIFRVQS  - Rainy Weather
CFVFGMJ  - Foggy Weather
YSOHNUL   - Faster Clock
NIGHTPROWLER  - Always Midnight
OFVIAC   - Orange Sky 21:00
SCOTTISHSUMMER   - Thunderstorm
CWJXUOC    - Sandstorm

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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Hitman 2

About : Hitman II

The rest of Hitman requires a retired assassin feedback at work by the betrayal. Go to the dark recesses of the world corrupted by crime, greed, deterioration, and disgrace. Your agreements will bring you to exotic locales around the world, including Sicily, Saint Petersburg, Japan, Malaysia and India. A varied armory of equipment, armor piercing guns and explosives for chloroform and poisoned darts, are available. Stalk Moisture and eliminate your targets up close and personal, is the outlook for the first or third person. You must decide If you want to use the furtivity or assault, but beware - you will be dealing with the effects.

Screenshots Gallery :

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Hitman II Silent Assassin

System Requirements :

- Minimum System Requirements: - Recommended System Requirements:
• OS: Windows 2000/XP
• CPU: 1.6 Ghz processor
• RAM: 256 MB RAM
• HDD: 700MB uncompressed space
• Graphics: 64 MB
• Sound Card: DirectX 7 compatible
• OS:Windows 2000/XP
• CPU: 2.5 Ghz processor
• RAM: 512 MB Memory
• HDD: 700MB uncompressed space
• Graphics: 92 MB
• Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible

Download Hitman 2 :